We teach you How to Write, Market, Self-Publish and Launch Bestselling Books to maximize book sales and to create multiple streams of income.

We turn writers into authors and authors into best selling authors so they can get money!

This Is What You Will Learn


Get clear on your message and use our step by step W>R>I>T>E method to start and complete your book in 60 days.


How to self-publish with mass distribution while retaining all of your royalties!


How to brand your book into a business and create companion products

Multiple Streams of Income

How to reach your target audience, to maximize book sales and gain authority in your niche!

Why would you want to become a bestselling author?

1.     Return on InvestmentYou spent the time and money to write and publish the book and you deserve for it to be seen to capitalize on your investment.

2.      Becoming a bestseller gives you increased book royalties and book sales.

3.      You become an expert in your subject matter. Being an expert allows you to up-sell and obtains additional opportunities to benefit you financially.

4.      My favorite- multiple streams of income. It opens up the door to the following: Paid speaking events, Paid media events, Course Creations on topic, Podcasting Opportunity, Coaching Opportunity, Book Royalties and Book sales from networking, and more.

Meet Cylia Williams

#1 Bestselling Author

Co-Author of Anthology "Free From Silence"

I was a little nervous when I initially signed up for Ayanna Gallow’s writing program because I did not know if I would be able to write out my story. Boy was I wrong! Ayanna has a gift of pulling your story out of you in way that allows you to be vulnerable and heal while writing. She breaks it down into a step by step process that is easy enough for anyone to understand but she finds a way to perfectly cater the process to each individual. Ayanna’s program was hands down one of the best things I committed to and I would recommend anyone to sign up for the experience.

Ayanna Mills Gallow, M.B.A.

18X Best-Selling Author | Bestselling Book Coach | CEO of Thanx A Mills, LLC.

Hi I'm Ayanna!

I went from a Silent Child to a Public Speaker! I was conceived in rape and born to a 13 year old teenager.

I became a silent child because I thought my life was a mistake. I found my voice after publishing my first book and now I enjoy helping others to break the silence and use their voices.

I coached over 150 authors and counting!

I am also an

Evangelist- Licensed & Ordained

20 Year Corporate America Professional

Vice President of Operations– Innervision Magazine International

Literary & Financial Development Speaker

Global Mentor– Leaders Recognizing Leaders

My motto is Write, Pray & Release, so that you can have peace:)

Benefits our Our School

• Learn how to make money before your book is published!

• No worries about the how to’s of self publishing because we got you covered!

• A free copy of #1 Bestselling Book, “Write Pray & Release”: How to Write A Book To Gain Multiple Streams of Income in 60 Days or Less

*Facebook Group Community for collaboration, Q&A, and for finding marketing opportunities. Collaboration is the new rich!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Dr. Janell Jones

#1 Bestselling Author

"Free From Silence" Anthology