Meet The Author

I am Ayanna Mills Ambrose (Gallow) and I am a 18X Amazon Bestselling Author. My books are bestselling in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, India, France and Europe.

  I am also an Evangelist, Best-Selling Book Coach, and Literary Strategist and International Speaker.

I was a silent person due to the dysfunction of my childhood. I was conceived in rape and born 6 weeks after my mother’s 13th birthday. I found my voice writing and publishing books and I love helping others to do the same.

As a first year author, I published 9 bestsellers in less than 9 months. Through my company, Thanx A Mills, LLC., I have helped over 150 aspiring authors to become bestselling authors.


  • How to Market Your Book Each Month
  • Where To Find Your Target Audience 
  • How To Create Your Book’s Brand 
  • How To Make over $3,000 from Your Book Launch
  • 10 Ways To Generate Multiple Streams of Income From Companion Products & Services
  • How To Brand Your Book Into A Business
  • How To Launch Your Pre Order Campaign and Earn While You Earn
  • Our Strategy To Build A 6-Figure Business From Your Book


  • 7 Day Book Launch Marketing Guide
  • How To Boss Up Books Brand On A Budget


Dr. Keesha Karriem

Ayanna Mills Gallow Good Morning Queen, I listened to your entire message & I just want to say thank you again for doing an awesome job getting us to #1 Bestseller.   You definitely“keep your promises”.  Your branding & marketing skills are above & beyond awesome! I’m so grateful- thank you for making me an International BSA!

Mahogany Clark

Also I just honestly want to thank you so much for your help, I truly needed this

Because it has been long and hard doing it alone. But I love the growth

Jenise McNair

You’re awesome! Thank you so much for your effort and the extra’s! I really truly appreciate you and your genuineness to help me level up!!!

Chany Rosengarten

This girl is the guru

Daphne Robinson, J.D., MPH

Hey, friends! If you’re in this group and you haven’t engaged with Ayanna’s program to make you a bestseller, you are missing out!! She helped make me a bestselling author in less than 48 hours! Her strategy is fire and her passion is unmatched in the market! I’m glad I found her and this group! Let’s change the world with our pens and out voices!

Author Latosha Faulkner

I can’t begin to thank you enough. I can write a book about you and I’ve only known you for a short period of time. I would refer you to all upcoming and inspiring authors.

Adrienne Horn

Ayanna Mills Ambrose thank you so much for agreeing to be her post-marketing strategist and helping her while on VACATION.

Tamika Johnson

I want to give a big shout out to Ayanna Mills Gallow. This lady right here can help you to become on the best sellers list guaranteed work.

Rodney C Burris

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